Our company recommend Synology products as one of our core products when it comes to file storage and file backup solutions. Its inbuilt features to perform

Types of Backup Available:

  • Email Backup (Gsuite/Office 365)
  • Desktop PC Backup
  • Synology NAS to NAS Backup
  • Real-Time synchronization between 2 storage devices

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Do you know that Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365) and Gsuite does not guarantee email retention when emails are deleted by default?

Synology NAS offers inbuilt capability to backup your cloud emails with no additional fees!

Keep all your files centrally accessible anywhere with built-in data protection.

Centralized management: No more scattered files! A consolidation platform with all the files and seamlessly fits into your IT environment with the support of various file protocols (SMB/AFP/FTP/WebDAV).

Built-in data protection: Avoid human error by restoring data back to a previous point-in-time with the snapshots taken for shared folders, and by configuring RAID arrays for disk fault tolerance.

Granular Access Rights: Different privileges rights for different departments/teams and individuals to access files or folders with their rightful access privileges.

Centralize data protection on your Synology NAS, and follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy by having an extra copy offsite – backed by built-in applications.

    • Back up everything for free: Centrally back up and manage your business data on Synology NAS whether it’s from Windows, Linux, Mac, VMware, Office 365, G Suite, NAS, portable hard drives
    • Restore what you want easily: Fast and reliable recovery methods prevent you from data loss, while snapshot technology can easily restore files to a previous state prior to ransomware attacks.
    • Maximize storage efficiency: Saving storage costs with the advanced technologies, such as deduplication, compression, and incremental backup
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