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If you are an SME or MNC facing these issues, we want to work with you to help. We provide support for small and large corporations.

Lack of Expertise

Many SMEs have only 1 IT staff to administrate the organisation. However, they may not have sufficient industry experience to deliver best IT practices or solutions for the company.

Low Manpower Budget

An average annual salary of a junior IT staff costs around $45K. Our outsourcing services provides you the IT services you need at an lower price.

Hiring Difficulties

Human resource department facing difficulties to get the right hire for IT engineers? We've got the manpower you need to solve your IT issues.

Knowledge Transfer

Don't want to go through the hassle of handover processes when an employee leaves and risk having occupational knowledge gaps? IT manpower outsourcing prevents it from happening.

In-House Upskilling

The lack of periodic skill upgrade of an IT staff will lead to ineffective IT practices, hence affecting a company's performance and security. Prevent this by outsourcing your IT manpower.

High Current IT Costs

Your current IT operating expense is exceeding your budget and are seeking for a cheaper alternative, while still meeting business requirements.

Our Outsourcing Services

Prepaid Hours

  • Purchase a set of prepaid hours for IT support with 8 x 5 x Next Business Day (NBD) response time
  • Hours are deductible for every remote or onsite support. 
  • Recommended for companies that requires minimum external IT support

Monthly Retainer Fee (Popular Amongst SMEs)

  • A monthly fixed fee which includes unlimited hours of support
  • Pricing depends on number of devices
  • Recommended for companies that require moderate IT support

IT Staffing

  • We provide IT engineer placement to fill in short term and long term manpower requirements

Why Choose Us?

24/7 Support

Our team of IT professionals are always ready to take care of your critical network devices.

Increase Productivity

Lesser down time brings an increase in business productivity. Go with technology, not against it.

Lower Running Cost

Switch over to our managed services to lower your OPEX. We will provide you with the help you need.

Flexible Manpower Solutions

Our pool of skilled engineers are ready to support your short and long term projects. Taking a weight off your shoulders.

One Stop Solution

Avoid implementing multiple IT solutions at high prices that does not benefit your business. We recommend the right solutions to benefit your business.

IT Consultation

Leverage on our team for technical advice and suitable solutions for your business needs.


We have IT maintenance plans catered for company size of 5 users – 200 users. We will recommend you the most suitable plans based on your business’ needs and budget.

We have crafted our maintenance support workflow to improve customer response time and all our engineers are in-house (we do not outsource any of our workers). Apart from IT services, our business advisors can also provide consultation for sales and marketing to grow your business! We look beyond the contracts. 

We offer man-hour packages and monthly retainer fees – both plans comprise different service approach based on your needs. We do not want to oversell you something you do not need. We will make recommendations accordingly during the first discussion with you! 

Our company only provide IT services to commercial companies. We do not provide ad-hoc residential IT support.

Depending on the urgency and priority of your situation, you can choose from our fastest service level (4h – 24/7) with the highest cost, to our slowest service level (Next Day) which cost lower due to the slower response time. All of which will be answered by our IT professionals.

If you need help to make your own customised plan, contact us for assistance.​
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