Network Security has become a huge demand from organizations due to the continuous growth in networking and online usage. It is important to provide a defense in depth security, for all purposes as security has become a major concern.

Business confidential data will be compromised whenever there’s an intentional attack launched from attackers. This may results to financial loss, loss of business integrity, company reputation and image being affected, followed by loss of consumers.

IT Security has a defense in depth concept today. However, this may come at a price in order to achieve the defence in depth concept. Such as, hindering network access may be expected due to inaccurate and lack of security solutions design. Business opportunity and business agility will therefore be affected.

In KG Sowers, we will ensure in making the right balance between the IT Security needs and the right business operations requirements through holistic solutions

Network Security
Cyber Securtiy
  • Project Implementation
  • Managed Firewall and Network Service
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Integrated SMS solution to trigger alerts
  • 24x7x4 hours Maintenance Suppor
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