IT Equipment Rental

Hassle-free Rental Service in Singapore

Types of IT Equipment for Rental

Laptop Rental

No need to buy expensive laptops, rent one at the best price. Come fully equipped with all of the features and capabilities.

Monitor Rental

Are you looking for an affordable, reliable way to get the monitor you need? Look no further than our monitor rental service!

Network Switch Rental

Perfect solution for businesses or events looking to increase their bandwidth without breaking the bank.

Wireless Access Point

Take the hassle out of your next event with our wireless access point rental! 


Say good unsecured network and protect your network with IT and tech industry’s best firewalls such as Fortinet.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

An essential for every IT equipment rack, choose from our extensive range of APC UPS to fit your needs.

WiFi Broadband Rental

Stay connected anywhere! WiFi Broadband Rental provides reliable Internet access, no matter where you are.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

An essential for every IT equipment rack, choose from our extensive range of APC UPS to fit your needs.

Don't see what you need listed here?

We could still be able to help! We don’t want to limit ourselves to just the devices listed above.

Rental Price List & Specifications


  • 14″ Laptop
  • i5 Gen 6 and above
  • 8GB Ram


  • 24″ Monitor
    With HDMI port
  • APC 3KVA UPS (including 2 way transport)
  • APC 5KVA or 6KVA UPS (include 2 way transport)


  • Fortinet 101F Firewall without UTP license
  • Fortinet 101F Firewall with UTP license:


  • Cisco 24 or 48 Port Poe Switch


  • Ubiquiti U6-Pro Wireless Access Point:


Package Bundle include:

  • 200GB Monthly Data (Multi-Network – Singtel, Starhub & M1)
  • Approx. 50-200 Mbps Speed
  • Installation within next 5 Business Days
  • Inclusive of E300 (Single 1200M Modem) Router Rental
  • Office Hour Email, Phone and On-site Support
  • 99.95% Service Uptime SLA

Why Us?

Rental Solutions to fulfil both short term and long term project requirement

Rental period can range from 1 week to 2 years

Onsite IT engineers standby

Our Certifications

Managed IT Services | Outsourced IT Services Singapore: Sowers 3


We have IT maintenance plans catered for company size of 5 users – 200 users. We will recommend you the most suitable plans based on your business’ needs and budget.

We have crafted our maintenance support workflow to improve customer response time and all our engineers are in-house (we do not outsource any of our workers). Apart from IT services, our business advisors can also provide consultation for sales and marketing to grow your business! We look beyond the contracts. 

We offer man-hour packages and monthly retainer fees – both plans comprise different service approach based on your needs. We do not want to oversell you something you do not need. We will make recommendations accordingly during the first discussion with you! 

Our company only provide IT services to commercial companies. We do not provide ad-hoc residential IT support.

Depending on the urgency and priority of your situation, you can choose from our fastest service level (4h – 24/7) with the highest cost, to our slowest service level (Next Day) which cost lower due to the slower response time. All of which will be answered by our IT professionals.

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