Backup Power Solution

Protect your IT assets from power spikes & outrages

A Backup Power Solution is the combination of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and a generator set. It is a common solution frequently used to supply sensitive loads such as computers, telecommunication centres, industrial processes and many more. The purpose of a BPS is to provide electricity to your office in the event that the utility is cut off. This combination is important as a back-up plan for your office to ensure the protection of data loss or corruption, and also the continuation of power when needed.

What We Offer

Installation & Integration

Leave all installation works to our professionals when you purchase an APC UPS from us.

24/7 In-House Maintenance

Minimise Downtime and Maximise Systems Reliability with our in-house maintenance services.

Vendor Extended Warranty

Enjoy an extended warranty on your UPS when you purchase from us - APC Authorised Premier Partner.

Electrical Hardwiring

Forget about switches, plugs or connectors. Connect your UPS and form a system with our hardwiring service.

Battery Replacement

In addition to our full purchase to installation service, we also provide battery replacements for your UPS.

UPS Rental Services

Range of 3KVA to 8KVA APC UPS for rental as short as 1 week

Brands We Offer

APC UPS Features:

Why Choose KG Sowers?

Team of Trained and Experiences Engineers

We offer the most comprehensive service plan available.


Maintaining of power protection systems

We ensure that our client’s power protection systems are maintained effectively and efficiently on a regular basis.

Trouble-free operation

With a properly maintained system, it helps to ensure trouble-free operation. We aim to maximize the reliability of the systems so that it is always ready to support client’s business load.

Protect your IT equipment with Backup Power Solutions

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